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One of 13 limited edition mandalas from the "Telsum" collection produced in 2017 by artist Melketsadek. For TTF and TTW Melketsadek collaborated with Ethiopian traditional weavers known as Shemane (ሸማኔ) who make a special kind of embroidery designs called Tilf (ጥልፍ). After painstakingly collecting Tilf over a period of 5 years; then arranging, stitching, and scanning for further manipulation digitally, Melketsadek was able to create a pair of timeless, visually striking, deeply meditative artworks.       

The "Telsum" collection by Melketsadek draws inspiration from Nilotic African artisan-made textiles and religious art motifs. Telsum is intended to be healing art that attempts to evoke archetypes of the collective unconscious; reminding us of our connection to each other and the infinite.

The artwork is printed on metal using a dye sublimation process creating an extraordinary color vibrance and regal archival quality guaranteed to last many lifetimes  without the need for protective glass. Your mandala comes ready to hang with float mounts that suspend the artwork 1/2-inch off the wall when hung.

TTW 30"x30" Mandala by MelkETsadek

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